Rolls Royce PLC

We explain why Polytech has been Rolls Royce’s top choice for operator platforms and safety solutions for many years.

Rolls Royce Plc

Polytech have had the pleasure of working with Rolls Royce for many years. As a luxury brand, we have to ensure that the bespoke operator platforms and safety solutions we provide to Rolls Royce are of the highest possible quality.

Throughout the measuring, design, powder coating, delivery and installation process, we ensure that our platforms are created with safety, comfort and operator productivity as a number one priority. We also strive to never compromise on aesthetics – ensuring that all of our platforms have a professional and seamless finish that is consistent with the Rolls Royce brand.

At a fast-paced company, there is very little allowance for down-time; this is why Polytech act efficiently and with precision during our installation process. We know that there is no room for error, and this is what has made us one of the top choices in the aerospace industry for many years.

Liam Keogh, Director